Physical enjoyments

I always speak about that „good feeling“ that a dancer has to follow when he or she dances. But a „good feeling“ is an abstract term. What does that mean?

If you have nice thought that makes you happy, that’s a different good feeling like the one you have, when you are getting massaged. What I am pointing at, are physical enjoyments.

There are some reference points that I think everybody knows from their own experience which describes the kind of „good feeling“ I am talking about.

Examples of physical enjoyments

  • Walking with sweaty feet in uncomfortable shoes the whole day. Taking the shoes and the sweaty socks off. Then touching the ground with the bear feat. Feeling a cool fresh cool breeze on the feet.
  • You and another person after taking a shower, jumping into a fresh and clean bed. Skin feels smooth like silk. Skin smells like heaven. Bodies touching each other. Warm and cozy cuddling.
  • Orgasm.
  • Getting a head massage.
  • Sitting on a table hungry waiting for food. The favorite dish comes, smells awesome. First, bite total satisfaction.
  • Deep diving my bare hands in a huge sack of dried kidney beans.
  • Needing to pee for hours. Couldn’t find a toiled. Holding back is torturing. Finally finding a toilet. Release.

The ultimate physical enjoyment of all

The most intensive and longest-lasting feeling, that a human can ever experience, the one that lets the perception of time and space vanish and leaves a person behind fully satisfied and peaceful, in the absolute here and now is:

A good stretch.

Here is how i do it: Embodiment Stretch

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