Creating new moves

Hello fellow ecstatic dancers worldwide. My name is Frank Lee, the dancing guy with the long hair. Welcome to my first ecstatic dance audio quaratine warmup. Most of us are probably at home in their rooms. Let us use this situation to our advantage and practise some new dancing skills. I hope you created some space in your room to dance. So the idea is: The more freedom we have to move, the more deepness and joy we can experience through our dance. A major part of an ecstatic dancers practise consists of getting out of the box, on all – mental, physical and emotional – levels. The more room – in a sense of movement -, we have to express ourselves, the more intense the experience can be and the chances to reach ecstatsy grows. Unlike our usual ecstatic dance parties, you are now in a private session, surrounded by objects of your household. We can take advantage of that. The following exercise is called: Snapshot of moving things.

Snapshot of moving things

  1. Remember how it looks like, if you take a photograph of dancing people. They are caputred in weird postures. Flying hair or clothes are frozen into an image.
  2. Look at objects in your room like: furniture, books, computer, bed, carpet, laps, etc. Imagine, what you see is a snapshot of a party of dancing things. Everything is moveing. Imagine, how everything has its own charactistic stlyle of how it’s dancing to the music. For example chairs and tables jumping around like happy dogs. The lamp on the ceiling is waving from left to right. Lights go on and off. The books in the shelf are making some sort of a group performance.
  3. Give those things not only a movement, but also flavor of how they move. Some things might move light and floating, effortless. The cables, might wobble like noodles in a pot of boiling water. Your wardrobe might moves like a person that has a stiff neck. Everything is enjoying the music and dances. Challenge your imagination.
  4. Try to imitate the objects movement however you can. Try do dance like the objects however you can. You don’t have to dance the way you see the object moving in your imagination. Just get inspired somehow and transform it into something else.
  5. This exercise is very challenging for your imagination, but you will benefit alot from this.
  6. If the exercise difficult for you, you are on the right path. If it makes you laugh, you are on the right path. If you feel silly, you are on the right path. Especially if you are doing movement you’ve never done before, you are on the right path.

Thats it for tonight. I wish you a great practise, a good trip and a joyful dance. Yours frank lee.

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