What is style?

Music Credit: Bicep – Glue

An expression of our inner being outwardly

Everything we express outside is a reflection of what we have inside. One can’t just change their outer appearance without making major adjustments to their thoughts, values, emotions, etc.

One might be able to mimic a style for a short time, but it’s impossible to sustain a certain style in the long term if the style is not genuinely lived by the artist.

Style is the way how something is expressed

In writing, for example, there a many ways to deliver one and the same information, but how the information is transported, is the style.

Style is perceived subconsciously

Style is the relationship between symbols. It’s the hidden meaning between the lines.

Style is an indicator of self-respect

A noticeable styling means one has taken care of something. Because style is an expression of the inner world of the artist, it shows the artist has taken care of himself in this particular aspect.

Every movement leaves a trace in the viewer’s inner eye. Therefore every movement can be seen as a symbol. A symbol contains attributes such as proportion, attitude, connotation, etc. When a dancer’s decision to emphasize certain attributes becomes noticeable, the symbols begin to relate to each other. Another word for this relationship is style.

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