The Workshop

What is it about?

Frank Lee will show you something that lives inside you. The exercises that he teaches are interpreted individually. The difficulty level is defined individually. Everyone goes to his own limit and beyond. He will connect you to your source of inborn movement intelligence. He shows you how to shift your attention from thinking to pure body awareness and how to stay there undistractable. For this training you need strong focus and braveness, because you will surrender to something higher. If you manage to let go of all concepts, you don’t have to move purposely. Something inside you will move you. If you go beyond exhaustion, you can reach ecstasy and trance. The more you surrender, the more soul, the more aesthetics and beauty will come into every little movement. With your eyes closed, you try to immerse yourself in your innermost, as deeply as possible. This state of mind is one of the most powerful things humans can experience. This is the direct path to immortality in a Taoist sense. This training will change your relation to your body and the way you move forever.

“We were able to experience something very special. We participated in one of Franks Workshops. Our expectations were to learn new flow moves. That took place, but was not essential. Frank showed us how to find our flow and express ourself in motion, freed from the thinker, in connection with our inner being. We can only recommend to everyone to learn from this special person.”


Who is it for?

The training is aimed at experienced dancers, movers, athletes, performers and therapists who are working with the body.

Are there physical requirements?

You should be free to move you body. If you have physical limitations your potential to move might be limited but it’s still infinite. Take up the challenge and learn to work with your limitations. It’s about creativity and genius.

Are there mental requirements?

Yes. You should be able to concentrate on a high level and stay focused on the task for a long time. You should not be a person that gives up easily and gets frustrated, if a challenge is difficult in the beginning.

Other questions such as: What music do we listen to? Which methods do I use? May I bring my children? etc. I have here in the FAQ.

Current Dates and Tickets

COVID-19 –> all Events cancelled