I have always refused to find labels for what I do. How can i describe with words something that lies beyond words. More and more I have the feeling that I do not have to explain it anymore. The people who come to me follow their intuition and they know what it’s all about. Do you also suspect something?

I’ll show you something that’s already in you. The exercises that we do together are interpreted individually. The difficulty level is defined individually. We try to get to our root, the state of consciousness of inner movement. We shift our attention from thinking to body awareness. It’s about perception, the reconnection to the body. If we manage to let go of control, we don’t have to move. Something will move us. The inner movement breaks through the surface and expresses itself by various physical reactions. It creates a state of mind of ecstasy. The more we surrender into this, the more soul, the more aesthetics and beauty will come into every little movement. With our eyes closed, we try to immerse ourselves in our innermost, as deeply as possible within the workshop. Dance is not an activity, but a state of mind so powerful that we can overcome our fears and demons. If we do that, we get back the most precious thing that exists in life: love.

Maybe you just take a quick look at the Youtube video (below) from Strong and Flex TV and hear what they say. They were in my workshop. (Sorry german Language)

“3 weeks ago we were able to experience something very special. We were participants of a flow workshop, led by Frank Lee Döllinger. Our expectations were to learn new flow moves. That took place, but was not essential. Frank showed us how to find our flow and express ourself in motion, freed from the thinker, in connection with our inner being. We can only recommend to everyone to learn from this special person.”

Toni a.k.a. Flex von Strong&FlexTV


Or look at the feedback from others about my workshops (Sorry german):

Katrin Kohlbecher, Instructor der School of Movement Medicine Frankfurt

Dates 2019

20.04. Atelier Orbit24 | Frankfurt Main

15.-16.06. Heidi’s Zauberpark | Wien

12.-16.08. Across The Universe | Wien

07.-08.09. Yogabande | Hannover

26.-27.10. Aterlier Orbit24 | Frankfurt Main

18.-20.10. Neuraum.Berlin | Berlin

21.-22.09. Lichtsaal Grafing | München


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