The Dancing Formula

Always follow the path of maximum enjoyment. Move the way you feel, not the way you think.

  1. Shift your attention inside your body and feel its delicate tendency of how and where it wants to move.
  2. Move the way your body wants it, not how you think.
  3. Your body will let you feel pleasure if you are on the right path. If you lose contact with your body, you won’t feel anything.
  4. If the direction of movement changes spontaneously and promises greater enjoyment, then let go of the old path and immediately follow the new movement.
  5. Make sure that the movement is not affected by fear. (e.g.: make a move hesitantly)
  6. Make sure that fear does not appear as a pleasure. (e.g. hiding comfortably)

Always move in the best possible way according to your abilities

  1. Use all of your skills, imaginations and talents to be creative and keep moving.
  2. Do your very best with every move. The result is absolutely irrelevant.
  3. If two movement paths reveal at the same time, choose any and observe whether the path brings you joy.
  4. Complete a movement until it is finished. Don’t end the move too early.
  5. When you have completed one movement, choose the next movement that promises the greatest possible enjoyment.
  6. Be sensitive to perceive exactly when a movement has ended.
  7. Physical limitations, morality, legal limits and ethical standards are possible indicators of whether a movement has ended or not.

Don’t judge a movement. Try not to understand what you are doing. Just do a movement fearless exactly how it wants to be done.

Make a move with absolutely no expectation of the result

  1. Understand that any expectation of a particular outcome may hinder a better unexpected outcome.
  2. A movement does not have to be the target movement. It can be a preparation to lead you into a starting position from which the actual movement can be carried out.

On this path effort is never wasted and there is no failure.

Following the above rules will instantly deliver all the information and energy to

  1. draw from the full range of possible movements without knowing them.
  2. keep focus and a high level of performance for a long time without exhaustion.
  3. bring the timing, shape and intensity of all movements into a harmonious composition.
  4. make the entire movement follow the path of least resistance.
  5. make the dance a mirror of your inner world.
  6. make your blockages, inhibitions and fears visible.
  7. unlock all other ways of expressing joy (voice, painting, sexuality, silence, etc.).
  8. know everything there is to know about dancing.