Specs for Video-Content Shooting

Video File Format
  • Container:
    MP4, AVI, MOV not MTS
  • Resolution
    good: HD, better: FHD, best: 4K
  • Aspect-Ratio
    16:9 widescreen
  • Frames per Second
    good: 25p, better: 30p, best: 50p
  • ISO
    good: 800, better: 400, best: 200
  • Shutter-Speed
    good: 1/50, better: 1/100, best: 1/200
Video Quality
  • preproduction white balancing (if possible)
    with Grey Card or White Card
  • Total-shot
    whole body(s)
  • Close-up or half body
    Face, Details, etc
  • HQ-Audio recording
    worst: camera built-in mic, good: shotgun mic, better: clip-on mic, best: wireless-headset
  • Format
    WAV, AAC, MP3, no 3GP
Personal preferences
  • Only one video file per perspective!
    Prepare before the shoot, what you want to say, show and demonstrate. You can interrupt (to take a breath or think) or repeat (if you forgott something or made a mistake) your demonstration during the recording. (I will cut out breaks and mistakes.) But don’t stop the recording (!). Don’t send me a collection of video snippets of a partially recorded demonstration. I will not puzzle the video together.
  • Make sure the settings of all cameras are white balanced properly before recording. If this is not possible due to technical reasons, let the demonstrator hold a white card or a white paper next to his face for a couple of seconds.
  • Synchronization via audio
    First start audio-recording on all devices (Audio-Recorder, Camera 1, Camera 2, ….), then clap with your hands two times, loud enough, so all devices capture the “clap-clap”. After clapping start the demonstration. All video- and audio-files will be synchronized in the post-production by the waveform created by the clap.

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