How to recognize the right path to ecstasy when dancing?

I always spreak about that “good feeling” that we have to follow when we dance. But “good feeling” are just words. What does that mean? Everybody interprets them differently. There are reference points that i think everybody knows from their own experience which maybe makes clear what kind of “good feeling” i am talking about.

There are so many different good feelings. If you read a poem that makes you happy, thats a different good feeling like the one you have, when you are getting massaged.

Some of my funnyiest examples:

  • Needing to pee very urgend and beeing forced to hold it for almost too long and then finally finding a toilet and have the freedom to pee.
  • Walking with sweaty feet in unconfortable shoes the whole day and then taking the shoes and the sweaty shocks off. Then touching the ground with bear feat, feeling a cool breeze streaming around my feet.
  • Me and my girl after showering, jumping into a fresh and clean bed. She wears an almost-nothing-cotton-lingerie. Our skins, smooth like silk, touch and glide on each other. Me smelling her her skin.
  • Hungry, sitting on a table, leaning forward, breathing in. I hold my breath for a moment, only to take an excellent 5-star deluxe piece of sushi nigiri sake – a slice of tender salmon lying on top of the rice, dipped in soy sauce, topped with some wasabi – into my mouth. I exhale slowly through the nose and at the same time press my tongue against the palate. I melt the rice and salmon with my tongue. They become liquid and an indescribable taste unfolds in my mouth. As I exhale, I lean back and enjoy.
  • Diving my bare hands in a huge sack of kidney beans.

So how to i recognize if i am on the path to ecstasy when i am dancing?

The most intensive and longest lasting feeling, one that i can hold / generate for more than an houre, that i ever experienced, the one that lets my perception of time and space vanish and leaves my behind fully satisfied and peaceful in the absolute here and now is:

A good stretch. (No joke!)

Proof it by youself. Here is how i do it: Embodiment Stretch

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