Frank Lee Döllinger

“The guy is crazy.” I often hear that say about myself. Maybe there is something in it. Maybe dancing will help me with my madness and the madness in the world to get along. I think that’s how art is born in general.

I wanted to be a break dancer with my own language of movement. I thought, every movement is beautiful when filled with soul. I looked for this quality during training – for 17 years. I did not know what I would discover and where this will take me.

I trained different dance styles and pulled out everything that I liked and built my own language of movement. This way is not that easy, because you go it alone. Maybe that’s why so few go this way.

I am not a guru and not a saint. I am hungry too. What makes up my person is perhaps three things that I carry within me: pain, curiosity and courage. Growth takes place outside the comfort zone. The pain does make me feel not comfortable anywhere. Curse or blessing? The curiosity gives me orientation, where my journey goes next. The courage (maybe it’s stupidity) gives me strength to repeatedly dare to do the leap of faith. This has made me experience borderlines and may seem admirable to some aspects, but as a whole I am wonderful, awful and innocent, just like any human being.