What does dance have to do with calligraphy?

I did not dance to please others. But I have a sense of aesthetics and so I have always tried to please myself. I also do painting calligraphy. I can see strong parallels in both worlds that, in my opinion, is the pure expression of aesthetics. That would be for example: completion of a movement. Clarity in the implementation. The aesthetics of a movement depends on the movement that happens before and after it. When a movement is filled with soul, then it is aesthetic. etc.

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Do I have to bring physical requirements?

Not really. I do not dictate movements. I do not ask you to do anything. I stimulate your imagination and direct your attention in certain directions. However, if you are physically restricted then you maybe get frustrated that your body can not move as you want. Because of that tears have cried in the workshop. But that just happens if you expect too much from yourself. But I try to show you just that: The origin of every physical movement is a movement of the mind.

Which methods do I use?

I work with pictures such as: “Imagine you moving through honey, feeling the resistance on your skin.” I direct the perception to certain aspects of an exercise: “Find out what movement you want to do next, have the courage to do it.” I hold a protected space in which devotion is possible: “Keep your eyes closed and listen to what you feel in your body, do you sense movement that whats to to happen. Do it!”

Each workshop is unique and never repeats itself. I feel what the group needs and thats how i will lead the group.

Do we do partner exercises?

No, everyone works by himself or herself.

Is the workshop suitable for children?

In my experience, it is not suitable for children. They can not concentrate so well on one exercise and then they get bored. In addition, I speak an “adult” language that the children do not understand. Children can not work so well with terms like “surrendering” or “letting go.”

Can I bring my child to the workshop?

You can, but I would not recommend it. I have often tried this with mothers. Unfortunately, mothers always need to have an eye on their kids, which keeps them from really diving into the exercises.

To which music do we train?
Among other things: