Who is it for?

The training is aimed at experienced dancers, movers, athletes, performers and therapists who are working with the body.

Are there physical requirements?

You should be free to move you body. If you have physical limitations your potential to move might be limited but it’s still infinite. Take up the challenge and learn to work with your limitations. It’s about creativity and genius.

Are there mental requirements?

Yes. You should be able to concentrate on a high level and stay focused on the task for a long time. You should not be a person that gives up easily and gets frustrated, if a challenge is difficult in the beginning.

Other questions such as: What music do we listen to? Which methods do I use? May I bring my children? etc. I have here in the FAQ.

What methods do I use?

I don’t show any movement sequences or steps to copy. I work with images such as: “Imagine you are moving through honey. I feel the resistance on your skin.” I direct you perception to certain aspects of an exercise. I keep a protected space in which surrender is possible: “Keep your eyes closed and observe what tendency to move arises from your body.”

Every workshop is unique and never repeats itself. I feel what the group needs and accordingly choose a path that is most accessible to the group.

Is the training suitable for children?

Normally children do not have the stamina and focus necessary to participate.

Do we do partner exercises?

No. During training, attention is directed inward and everyone works for themselves.

What kind of music do we listen to?

For Example this: