Are there physical requirements to participate?

If you are sporty, this is an advantage. But you can also come with physical limitations if you accept them as a creative challenge.

What methods do I use?

I work with images and metaphors, such as: „Imagine you are moving through honey. Every movement has resistance and is slower than normal.“ I will demonstrate to you how to do the exercise and will teach you about the theory behind it. I will guide you during the exercise and help you if you get stuck or have questions.

What is the structure of the workshop?

We start at the root of every movement, at the level of intuitively initiated movement like reflexes. Our goal is to bring this inner movement to the surface and thereby create a „flow“. Then we will work on the qualities of movement like speed, time, volume, intensity, etc. Then we combine everything with music.

Are we doing partner exercises?

Everyone works for themselves.

From what age is the workshop suitable?


What kind of music do we listen to?