Online Courses

Module I: Discovering Modalities

Most probably there is no need for you to learn any new moves, because you don’t know yet how to get the full potential out of what you already have in your movement repertoire. If you know some of the mechanics of how movement works and its components, you can create infinite new compositions and variations without needing to learn anything new. For example, it makes a big difference if you do a movement while focusing on gravity, which is pulling all your particles down to earth and makes you feel heavy and grounded, which often turns ones mood into a kind of seriousness. Or if you make that same movement, but imagine buoyancy that make you feel light weight and lifted, which often turns ones mood into some kind of playfulness. You will get many different child-movements out one parent-movement, by just changing your perception of reality. Another modality for example is speed. A reduction in speed condenses your attention on to a small point, which will lead to an increment of precision and quality in your execution of a movement. (Going into the extreme slow motion leads to a state of consciousness, I would describe as “Hyperfocus”, which is absolutely mind-blowing and a totally different perception of reality.) In this course we will discover some modalities of movement. Don’t think about buying a faster car, if you haven’t discovered the drive shaft yet of the car already have.

Module II: Connecting the Higher mind

There is a difference between automatism and creative flow. Both look very similar, but in the first case its a loop of repeating movement patterns and the creative mind is “asleep”. In the second case an endless stream inspiration comes into ones mind and allows you to do movements you could not even think about (not talking about acrobatics). Dancing is not something you do. Dancing is something that happens to you. I am talking about magic. This is the door to all the mystery within the universe of dancing, like ecstasy, trance and all that other suff (It actually reveals the structure of the entire universe, if you are able to “read” signs and symbols). Stepping through that “door” is so simple and yet so difficult. One can experience it as life threatening just to move the hips. In this module I will show you some thresholds on the way to that “door” and how to overcome them.

Module III: Getting out of the Box

How can we challenge ourselves in order to expand creative consciousness? Here are some beneficial play rules: Don’t allow yourself to “hide” behind a movement. Don’t allow yourself to “lie” a movement by pretending you are aware about what you do whereas you actually aren’t. Do ugly movements, that disgust you and makes you feel deeply ashamed. Dance like an idiot. Expose yourself to an audience, practise with other people in a dancing circle. Imagine how an oak tree would dance differently from a maple tree. If you feel the urge to do something, then freeze and do nothing. These and many more exercises will be party of that module to help you to get out of the box.