The Dancer

“I don’t have stylistic loyalty. That’s why my art is constantly changing. But there is a real continuity in my subject matter. I want to be an artist on the whole; I don’t want to be within a genre and limit my creative output to what I once became known for. I do believe I have more integrity than many of my contemporaries. If need to label my art I would call it Experimental Expressive Urban Dance. I am expressing what many others can’t – because they’re unaware of their feelings, they’re too afraid to express those feelings, or they lack the skills to communicate and be understood. I am dragging my innermost feelings out, giving a piece of myself. Whatever happens in my life, whether I stand up or I fall down, whatever the case, I’m going to use it in my art. My mission is to share my truth.”

“Frank Döllinger stands out as the most sovereign […]. They [his movements] herald a lust for dance in which the huge question about the same or different simply evaporates. ”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Frankfurt General Newspaper) 2016