Physical enjoyments

I always speak about that “good feeling” that a dancer has to follow when he or she dances. But a “good feeling” is an abstract term. What does that mean?

If you have nice thought that makes you happy, that’s a different good feeling like the one you have, when you are getting massaged. What I am pointing at, are physical enjoyments.

There are some reference points that I think everybody knows from their own experience which describes the kind of “good feeling” I am talking about.

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The false brother of trance

Did you notice that everything has a false brother? T the false brother of self-love is narcissism. The false brother of love is attachment. The false brother of unconditional love is addiction. The false brother of giving a compliment is flattering. The false brother of surrender is resignation.

Automatism looks like trance

Many times I meditated and thought that I deeply sunk into myself and immersed myself into the void of nothingness, and then I woke up and realized that I was just sleeping. The false brother of trance is automatism which is sleeping consciousness.

The difference between evolution and innovation

The false brother of the higher self is the ego. While the higher self comes as intuition, the ego is a collection of thoughts. The ego can only evolve, but only the higher self can innovate. The difference between innovation and evolution is: innovation brings out something that didn’t exist before, whereas evolution is a re-arrangement of things that already has existed. Symbolically spoken: Innovation brings “children” into existence without parents, while the children of evolution have parents.

Keep the creative mind always active

Dancing is not something you do. Dancing is something that happens with you. If you truly dance, you will feel like something is pushing and pulling you, swirling you around. In order to connect the so-called “higher self”, you have to surrender. But be aware, you can be taken over by the automatism of the ego. Then you may believe that you had a trance, but your creative mind actually was not active and your dance was an automated repetition of what you already knew.

A hint to not fall into automatism

A hint whether you are connected with the higher self or not is the spontaneous occurrence of moves and ideas that you can not remember, that you have ever done or seen before. These moves pop out of nothing and they really surprise you.

Why we need to dance

The need for self-expression

We have a natural inborn need for self-expression. Remember the moments where you feel joy, anger, or sadness, but the circumstances do not allow you to express your emotions. Holding back anger makes you feel like a volcano that wants to erupt but cant and often it’s starting to eat you up from inside. Suppressed sadness could accumulate and breaks through the surface as depression. In order to be in balance, we need to express what is in us.

Dancing is a non-verbal expression

We don’t necessarily need to speak verbally about what we feel. It is very satisfying if we can embody emotions through dancing. It doesn’t matter how we express ourselves, it just needs to go out somehow. Dancing gives us the room to do that and what comes out is just art. That’s pretty awesome.

The need for self-realization

Self-realization is everything we are searching for in our life. It is the basic goal in any spiritual practice, and it is a monster task. It doesn’t come from studying books. It is something that only comes from real experience in engagement with the true nature of life. The nature of life and death. This experience only comes if a human goes on an adventure, into the unknown.

The need for a journey

The journey is gives an answer to a fundamental question everyone has: What for am i here? Whats the meaning of my existence?

The journey is within

There are many possibilities to go on a journey. The attempt to dance freely from the soul will take every human on an adventurous, life-long journey. The joy one experiences by looking at a flower is happening in one’s own head. The entire experience of existence is happening within us.

Dancing is a hero’s journey

Dancing will fly you high to the moon and will pull you down in the dark abyss of the ocean. It will burn you with fire to ash and then let you rise like the phoenix. It will let you dry out in the desert and freeze to death only to show you, that you actually have the power to let it rain if you wish and enlighten a fire with your bare hands.