The art of embodiment

“Move the way you feel, not the way you think. Do your very best. The result is irrelevant.”

For more than 20 years Frank has been researching unconsciously initiated movements such as reflexes and the body’s immanent desire to move especially when music is played. “I explored countless approaches to move, from dancing to therapy and I extracted what I believe was their essences. I have merged everything to form a bigger picture where everything fits together.” He found out that there is something in us alive beyond our consciousness, which has its own will and character. He says, the more we let “it” take over our body, the more aesthetics, complexity, and ease will come into our movement. What he discovered, is a method to directly reconnect to our ancient inborn movement intelligence.

“There is an inborn wisdom in the body that creates beautiful movement naturally. We have to let go, so whatever movment wants to be done will be done. It’s something unfinished and yet complete. It is shapeless and formless. It depends on nothing but it gets active when we experience joy and listen to good music. I believe it is the origin of all movement.”

“It is hidden so deep that it seems not existing. You cannot touch the source, but you can travel closer to it. I believe it is the source of life. The more you use it, the more it produces. The key to growth is to let higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. Therfore a leap of faith into the unknown is necessary.”

If you’re not brave, you’re not going to be free.

Frank Lee Doellinger

As a kid, Frank Lee Doellinger wanted to become a breakdancer with a unique movement signature. The search for his own style became a deep dive into consciousness and its relation to the body. He studied movement from various perspectives, from Feldenkrais to contemporary dance and meditative movement. He found out that true movement is not willingly done, it’s happening. Today Frank Lee Doellinger is part of international artistic collaboratives. As a social worker, he has taught adolescents a non-violent way to express themselves in socially critical spots. In his contrasting life between artistic avant-garde of Berlin’s nightlife and therapeutic work, he succeeds time and again in the balancing act between seemingly opposing worlds. He is one of the few people who have elaborated and can teach movement from both dancers and therapeutic points of view. In 2017, the Newspaper „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“ described him as „incomparable“. The core of his work today is to teach methods of how to reconnect to the inborn intelligence of the human body.

The Workshop

What is it about?

Frank Lee will connect you to your innate movement intelligence. He shows you how to gain body awareness. For this training you need a strong focus and courage because you are allowed to indulge in something unknown. If you dive deep into this practice, you can achieve trance. Frank’s techniques bring aesthetics and beauty to all of your movements. It puts you in a state of consciousness that is one of the most powerful human experiences. The practice will positively change your relationship with your body forever. The exercises he teaches are interpreted individually by each. Everyone works with their own limits.

“We were able to experience something very special. We participated in one of Franks Workshops. Our expectations were to learn new flow moves. That took place, but was not essential. Frank showed us how to find our flow and express ourself in motion, freed from the thinker, in connection with our inner being. We can only recommend to everyone to learn from this special person.”


Current Dates and Tickets

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