How to dance

Always choose to do the movement that promises the greatest enjoyment

  • If another movement spontaneously appears that promises even greater enjoyment, then let go of the old way and go immediately after the new one.
  • Make sure that the movement is not affected by fear. (eg: hesitating to move)
  • Make sure that fear does not appear as enjoyment. (eg: hiding)

Always move in the best possible way, according to your abilities

  • Use all your skills, imagination and talents to perform the movement
  • Give your best with every move. The result is meaningless.
  • When two paths of movement reveal at the same time, choose freely and observe if path proves fruitful.
  • Follow the path of movement until it can not go on.
  • When you arrive at the end of a path, choose the next movement that promises the utmost enjoyment.
  • Be sensitive to perceiving that there is a way to choose a new one.
  • Physical limitations, morality, legal boundaries and ethical standards are indicators of whether or not a path is over.

Perform a movement with absolutely no expectation of the result

  • Understand that any expectation of a particular outcome may hinder a better outcome.
  • A movement does not necessarily have to be the goal movement. It can be a preparation to guide you into an attitude from which the actual movement can be carried out.

Following the above rules instantly provides all the information and energy to

  • to draw from the full range of possible movements without having to know them.
  • to keep focus and high performance for a long time without exhaustion.
  • Timing, form and intensity of the totality of all movements to bring a harmonious composition.
  • to follow the path of the least resistance throughout the movement.
  • to make the dance a mirror of your inner world.
  • your blockages, inhibitions and fears become recognizable.
  • to unlock all other ways of expressing enjoyment (voice, painting, sexuality, silence, etc.).
  • to learn everything there is to know about dancing