How to recognize the right path to ecstasy when dancing?

I always spreak about that “good feeling” that we have to follow when we dance. But “good feeling” are just words. What does that mean? Everybody interprets them differently. There are reference points that i think everybody knows from their own experience which maybe makes clear what kind of “good feeling” i am talking about.

There are so many different good feelings. If you read a poem that makes you happy, thats a different good feeling like the one you have, when you are getting massaged.

Some of my funnyiest examples:

  • Needing to pee very urgend and beeing forced to hold it for almost too long and then finally finding a toilet and have the freedom to pee.
  • Walking with sweaty feet in unconfortable shoes the whole day and then taking the shoes and the sweaty shocks off. Then touching the ground with bear feat, feeling a cool breeze streaming around my feet.
  • Me and my girl after showering, jumping into a fresh and clean bed. She wears an almost-nothing-cotton-lingerie. Our skins, smooth like silk, touch and glide on each other. Me smelling her her skin.
  • Hungry, sitting on a table, leaning forward, breathing in. I hold my breath for a moment, only to take an excellent 5-star deluxe piece of sushi nigiri sake – a slice of tender salmon lying on top of the rice, dipped in soy sauce, topped with some wasabi – into my mouth. I exhale slowly through the nose and at the same time press my tongue against the palate. I melt the rice and salmon with my tongue. They become liquid and an indescribable taste unfolds in my mouth. As I exhale, I lean back and enjoy.
  • Diving my bare hands in a huge sack of kidney beans.

So how to i recognize if i am on the path to ecstasy when i am dancing?

The most intensive and longest lasting feeling, one that i can hold / generate for more than an houre, that i ever experienced, the one that lets my perception of time and space vanish and leaves my behind fully satisfied and peaceful in the absolute here and now is:

A good stretch. (No joke!)

Proof it by youself. Here is how i do it: Embodiment Stretch

The false brother of trance is automatism

Did you notice that everything has a false brother? For example, the false brother of selflove is narcissm. The false brother of love is attachment. The false brother of unconditional love is addiction. The false brother of giving a compliment is flattering. The false brother looks so similar to the real thing, that somethimes you can only tell the difference after you traced back its roots to see its origin. Does it come from love or fear? Is the intention to give somthing or to get something. Is it real or is it fake. Is it minus Zero or plus Zero? And so on.

The false brother of trance is sleep. In the Upanishads (old spiritual book from india) this mysterious state of pure awareness is discribed as something like “a dreamless sleep, but you are awake”. Many times i meditated and thought that i deeply sunk into my self and immersed into the void of nothingness, and then i woke up and realized that i was just sleeping.

The false brother of the higher self is the ego (a belief system made out of thoughts). Both can speak to you. Both can make you serve them. But only the higher self can innovate. The ego can only evolve. The difference between innovation and evolution is that innovation brings out something that is really new, where evolution is a re-arrangement of things that were there before. In other words: Innovation brings kid into existence without parents, while the kids of evolution have parents.

Many times i say that dancing is not something you do. Dancing is something that happens with you. If you truely dance, you will feel like something is pushing and pulling you, swirling you around. In order to connect stronger with this mysterious so called “higher self”, you have to surrender. But be aware, you can also surrender and be taken over by automatism which is a service of the ego. Then you may belive that you had a trance, but your creative mind actually was not active and your dance was an automated repetition or recombination of what you already knew. A hint whether you are connected with the higher self or not, are the sponaneous occurence of moves and ideas that you can not remember, that you have done or seen them any time before. These moves pop out of nothing and they really surprise you.

Why Ecstatic Dance?

Need for self-expression

We have a natural inborn need for self expression. Remember the moments where you feel joy, anger or sadness, but the circumstances do not allow you to express your emotions. Holding back anger make you feel like a vulcano that wants to erupt but cant and often it’s starts to eat you up from inside. Surpressed sadness could accumulate and breaks through the surface as a depression. Withhold joy (in my case) turns into some other strange feeling that i can’t describe what it is until now. In order to be in balance we need to express what is in us. It seems like we don’t necessary need to speak out what we feel. It is very satisfying if we can express emotions though dancing. To me it looks like the meaning and purpose of self-expression is expression it self. It doen’t matter how you express it, it just need to go out of you. Dancing gives you the room to do that and what comes out is art. Thats just fucking awesome.

Need for self-realization

This is a long, long story. And it took me many years to truely understand that self-realization is everything we are searching for in our life. I learnd very soon that self-realization is the the basic goal in any spiritual practise, but it took me decades to understand what a monster task this actually is. For now i don’t want to go further into this. I just want to say, that self-realization is what everybody since ever is searching for. And it doen’t come studying books or knowing everthing Buddha or Krishnamurti thought. It it something that only comes by real experience in engagement with the true nature of life. (The true nature of life, his is another huge, huge topic). So in order to satisfy this need ,a human has to gain life experience and that can only comes if a human goes on a journey into the unknown. Otherwise the human will feel unsatisfied all the time and will make a lot of (maybe) stupid attempts to compensate that inner hunger for experience.

Need for a journey

Every human needs his or her individual journey. The journey is the answer to a fundamental question everyone has: What for am i here? Whats the meaning of my existence? There are many possibilities to go a journey. Raising kids i one of them. The attempt to dance freely from the soul will take a human on a journey, that lets him or her experience almost everything, a trip to the mount everest would let the human experience. How can this be? Because, everything we experience, doen’t matter if external or not, we experience whithin us. The entire experience of existence is a happening within us (that another huge topic). So dancing will fly you to the moon and will pull you in the dark abyss of the ocean. It will burn you in fire to ash and then let’s you rise like the poenix to see highest mountains from above. It will let you dry out in the dessert and freeze to death only to show you that you actually have the power to let it rain if you wish and enlight a fire with your bare hands. Yes, stuff like this you will experience when you dance and that is very satisfying.

What is Ecstatic Dancing?

There are (simplyfied) two ways you can get into dancing. The first one is to look for a teacher that will teach you how to execute certain steps of a certain style. For example Hip-Hop, Salsa, Latin-American-Standard, Swing, House, Flamenco, Tango, etc. Or, and this is what i am talking about: Soul expression in its purest form. No rules, no steps, no forms. Just purest raw energy. Brutal self honesty. Where only god (name it whatever you want) can judge you. Do you understand? This is the difficult path. But it appears to me like more and more people want exactly this: They are searching for dragons to slay. Can’t find any dragons? Dance with your heart and they will show up.

Private Note: System, Creativity and COVID-19

Note: private note, no spelling and grammar, formatting, correctness, reasoning, sources, etc …

The cosmic principle of compensation. The overall system is balanced except for a relatively small anomaly. Polarity is an expression of the principle of complementarity. Two things can be opposite to each other, but dependent on each other. The more the opposites are concentrated, the stronger the potential they generate between them.

System and creativity are mutually complementary. As the field of the system grows, the field of creativity grows. The system is not capable of creativity, but needs it as an innovation factor. Creativity bulges the protection and the supply of the system, because it is bound for its manifestation in the physical world to the law of cause and effect, which are not in the “area of responsibility” of creativity.

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Private Note: Dancing in fear

Note: private note, no spelling and grammar, formatting, correctness, reasoning, sources, objectivness, etc …

My art is like light in the darkness. I am a loving human. Looking at death and knowing it’s present at any time at any place, that grounds me. It teaches me, life time is valuable at every moment. I remember death is everywhere.

Dancing towards my fear.

I close my eyes and I imagine the most horrible place and situation I can imagine. I imagine a situation that scares the shit out of me. I will not tell you what my visions are. These are my individual secrets. My visions told me: don’t mess with the terrifying nature of life. There are things you don’t want to experience. Things that are experienced by other humans right now. People for whom your nightmare right now, is reality. But i can do a little bit of dealing with fear.

I put on some music, then imagine something that terrifies me. My challenge is: Can I find the little spot within myself, which is untouchable from any external influences and circumstances, so i am able have a “party” there all by myself, completely alone while I am walkin towards my fear?

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Exercise: Snapshot of moving things

Hello fellow ecstatic dancers worldwide. My name is Frank Lee, the dancing guy with the long hair. Welcome to my first ecstatic dance audio quaratine warmup. Most of us are probably at home in their rooms. Let us use this situation to our advantage and practise some new dancing skills. I hope you created some space in your room to dance. So the idea is: The more freedom we have to move, the more deepness and joy we can experience through our dance. A major part of an ecstatic dancers practise consists of getting out of the box, on all – mental, physical and emotional – levels. The more room – in a sense of movement -, we have to express ourselves, the more intense the experience can be and the chances to reach ecstatsy grows. Unlike our usual ecstatic dance parties, you are now in a private session, surrounded by objects of your household. We can take advantage of that. The following exercise is called: Snapshot of moving things.

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List of casting and advertising agencies in Germany

First you need the most important photos to start.

–  Portrait photo (front and side)
–    Full body photo (front and side)

These photos are only for application to the agencies and should therefore be as natural as possible. Photoshop or image effects. You can take the photos with your smartphone or better: Ask a friend who is a hobby photograph to shoot with you. He should use a portrait lens if he has one. If you have film recordings, send them along. If you have several film recordings, cut your personal show reel from it for a maximum of 90 seconds.

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