Private Note: System, Creativity and COVID-19

Note: private note, no spelling and grammar, formatting, correctness, reasoning, sources, etc …

The cosmic principle of compensation. The overall system is balanced except for a relatively small anomaly. Polarity is an expression of the principle of complementarity. Two things can be opposite to each other, but dependent on each other. The more the opposites are concentrated, the stronger the potential they generate between them.

System and creativity are mutually complementary. As the field of the system grows, the field of creativity grows. The system is not capable of creativity, but needs it as an innovation factor. Creativity bulges the protection and the supply of the system, because it is bound for its manifestation in the physical world to the law of cause and effect, which are not in the “area of responsibility” of creativity.

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Private Note: Dancing in fear

Note: private note, no spelling and grammar, formatting, correctness, reasoning, sources, objectivness, etc …

My art is like light in the darkness. I am a loving human. Looking at death and knowing it’s present at any time at any place, that grounds me. It teaches me, life time is valuable at every moment. I remember death is everywhere.

Dancing towards my fear.

I close my eyes and I imagine the most horrible place and situation I can imagine. I imagine a situation that scares the shit out of me. I will not tell you what my visions are. These are my individual secrets. My visions told me: don’t mess with the terrifying nature of life. There are things you don’t want to experience. Things that are experienced by other humans right now. People for whom your nightmare right now, is reality. But i can do a little bit of dealing with fear.

I put on some music, then imagine something that terrifies me. My challenge is: Can I find the little spot within myself, which is untouchable from any external influences and circumstances, so i am able have a “party” there all by myself, completely alone while I am walkin towards my fear?

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Exercise: Snapshot of moving things

Hello fellow ecstatic dancers worldwide. My name is Frank Lee, the dancing guy with the long hair. Welcome to my first ecstatic dance audio quaratine warmup. Most of us are probably at home in their rooms. Let us use this situation to our advantage and practise some new dancing skills. I hope you created some space in your room to dance. So the idea is: The more freedom we have to move, the more deepness and joy we can experience through our dance. A major part of an ecstatic dancers practise consists of getting out of the box, on all – mental, physical and emotional – levels. The more room – in a sense of movement -, we have to express ourselves, the more intense the experience can be and the chances to reach ecstatsy grows. Unlike our usual ecstatic dance parties, you are now in a private session, surrounded by objects of your household. We can take advantage of that. The following exercise is called: Snapshot of moving things.

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List of casting and advertising agencies in Germany

First you need the most important photos to start.

–  Portrait photo (front and side)
–    Full body photo (front and side)

These photos are only for application to the agencies and should therefore be as natural as possible. Photoshop or image effects. You can take the photos with your smartphone or better: Ask a friend who is a hobby photograph to shoot with you. He should use a portrait lens if he has one. If you have film recordings, send them along. If you have several film recordings, cut your personal show reel from it for a maximum of 90 seconds.

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