I have always refused to find labels for what I do. How can i describe with words something that lies beyond words. More and more I have the feeling that I do not have to explain it anymore. The people who come to me follow their intuition and they know what it’s all about. Do you also suspect something?

I’ll show you something that’s already in you. The exercises that we do together are interpreted individually. The difficulty level is defined individually. We try to get to our root, the state of consciousness of inner movement. We shift our attention from thinking to body awareness. It’s about perception, the reconnection to the body. If we manage to let go of control, we don’t have to move. Something will move us. The inner movement breaks through the surface and expresses itself by various physical reactions. It creates a state of mind of ecstasy. The more we surrender into this, the more soul, the more aesthetics and beauty will come into every little movement. With our eyes closed, we try to immerse ourselves in our innermost, as deeply as possible within the workshop. Dance is not an activity, but a state of mind so powerful that we can overcome our fears and demons. If we do that, we get back the most precious thing that exists in life: love.

Maybe you just take a quick look at the Youtube video (below) from Strong and Flex TV and hear what they say. They were in my workshop. (Sorry german Language)

“3 weeks ago we were able to experience something very special. We were participants of a flow workshop, led by Frank Lee Döllinger. Our expectations were to learn new flow moves. That took place, but was not essential. Frank showed us how to find our flow and express ourself in motion, freed from the thinker, in connection with our inner being. We can only recommend to everyone to learn from this special person.”

Toni a.k.a. Flex von Strong&FlexTV


Or look at the feedback from others about my workshops (Sorry german):

Katrin Kohlbecher, Instructor der School of Movement Medicine Frankfurt

Dates 2019

20.04. Atelier Orbit24 | Frankfurt Main

15.-16.06. Heidi’s Zauberpark | Wien

12.-16.08. Across The Universe | Wien

07.-08.09. Yogabande | Hannover

26.-27.10. Aterlier Orbit24 | Frankfurt Main

18.-20.10. Neuraum.Berlin | Berlin

21.-22.09. Lichtsaal Grafing | München


The nicest question I answer right here: to which music do we practise? Among other things:

Other questions such as: What physical conditions should I bring? Which methods do I use? May I bring my children? etc. I have here in the FAQs:

Frank Lee Döllinger

“The guy is crazy.” I often hear that say about myself. Maybe there is something in it. Maybe dancing will help me with my madness and the madness in the world to get along. I think that’s how art is born in general.

I wanted to be a break dancer with my own language of movement. I thought, every movement is beautiful when filled with soul. I looked for this quality during training – for 17 years. I did not know what I would discover and where this will take me.

I trained different dance styles and pulled out everything that I liked and built my own language of movement. This way is not that easy, because you go it alone. Maybe that’s why so few go this way.

I am not a guru and not a saint. I am hungry too. What makes up my person is perhaps three things that I carry within me: pain, curiosity and courage. Growth takes place outside the comfort zone. The pain does make me feel not comfortable anywhere. Curse or blessing? The curiosity gives me orientation, where my journey goes next. The courage (maybe it’s stupidity) gives me strength to repeatedly dare to do the leap of faith. This has made me experience borderlines and may seem admirable to some aspects, but as a whole I am wonderful, awful and innocent, just like any human being.


I do not want to wait. I have to go on, but I am stuck. As so often, I stand in the way of myself. It’s fear. The ice I am walking on seems to me thin. Go forward or go back? Tormenting questions: what if I go? Should fear keep me paralized? This is not my style! A dark abyss in front of me. A leap of faith. If I do not jump now, life will push me later. Not my style either. From the depths within myself I hear a call: “Let go.” Still paralyzed. Fear. That makes me angry. The anger brews together. Suddently I have the strength. Standing on the edge. I inhale. I exhale. No security. I close my eyes and lean forward.

“On this path, effort is never wasted, and there is no failure.”

The dance makes me strong. Holds me together. The sound of a violin makes me die a thousand deaths. My thousand masks that kept me from seeing myself fall off from me. I surrender. I give up. I died and got reborn again.

Now I can breathe freely. I can move freely. I dare to feel me. Through passion, I find light in the darkness. I am light.

Life is different now. Now i can choose my paths. Now I am free. I’ve become a whole piece. Now i am strong enough to love.

Wie tanzen geht

Sprich’ zu deinem Körper: “Nicht mein Wille, sondern dein Wille gesche.”

Entscheide dich immer dafür, die Bewegung auszuführen, die den größten Genuss verspricht

  • Sollte sich spontan eine andere Bewegung melden, die noch größeren Genuss verspricht, dann lass ab vom alten Weg und gehe sofort dem neuen nach.
  • Achte darauf, dass die Bewegung nicht durch Angst beeinflusst wird. (bsp.: eine Bewegung zögerlich ausführen)
  • Achte darauf, dass Angst nicht als Genuss in Erscheinung tritt. (bsp.: sich Verstecken)

Bewege dich entsprechend deiner Möglichkeiten immer auf deine bestmögliche Weise

  • Nutze alle deine Fähigkeiten, Vorstellungskräfte und Talente, um die Bewegung auszuführen
  • Gib bei jeder Bewegung dein Allerbestes. Das Resultat ist bedutungslos.
  • Wenn sich zwei Bewegungspfade gleichzeitig offenbaren, wähle beliebig und beobachte, ob sich Pfad als fruchtbar erweist.
  • Folge einem Bewegunspfad bis es nicht mehr weiter geht.
  • Wenn du am Ende eines Weges angekommen bist, wähle die nächste Bewegung, die den größtmöglichen Genuss verspricht.
  • Sei sensibel dafür, wahrzunehmen, dass ein Weg zuende ist, um einen neuen zu Wählen.
  • Körperliche Einschränkungen, Moral, gesetzliche Grenzen und ethische Standards sind Indikatoren dafür, ob ein Weg zuende ist oder nicht.

Führe eine Bewegung aus mit absolut keiner Erwartung an das Resultat

  • Verstehe, dass jede Erwartung an ein bestimmtes Resultat möglicherweise ein besseres Resultat behindert.
  • Eine Bewegung, muss nicht gleich die Zielbewegung sein. Sie kann eine Vorbereitung sein, dich in eine Haltung zu führen, von der die eigentliche Bewegung ausgeführt werden kann.

Das befolgen der oben genannten Regeln liefert augenblicklich jede Information und Energie, um

  • aus der gesamten Fülle möglicher Bewegungen zu schöpfen ohne sie zu kennen zu müssen.
  • ohne Erschöpfung für lange Zeit den Fokus und ein hohes Leistungsniveau zu halten.
  • Timing, Form und Intensität der Gesamtheit aller Bewegungen in eine harmonische Komposition zu bringen.
  • den gesamten Bewegungsablauf dem Pfad des geringsten Widerstands folgen zu lassen.
  • den Tanz zum Spiegel deiner Innenwelt werden zu lassen.
  • deine Blockaden, Hemmungen und Ängste erkennbar werden zu lassen.
  • alle anderen Wege des Ausdrucks des Genusses (Stimme, Malen, Sexualität, Stille, etc.) freizuschalten.
  • alles zu erfahren, was es über das Tanzen zu erfahren gibt.

Auf diesem Pfad wird Bemühung nie zunichte und es gibt kein Misslingen.