New Years Eve 2017 | Birdmilk | Kater Blau Berlin

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They Say : “ The BIRDMILK COLLECTIVE – Breaks all the rules. They take the best from each spectrum, combine it to create something new, and fuck it all up again. Every performance is different. No one knows what will happen. In the end it is a beautiful mess. It is poetry by accident. It is handmade love.“

This New Years Eve was special in so many ways and the beginning of many new eras. It was great to produce „Le Grande Bleu“ with our crazy crew, Haus Dampf and Kater at Holzmarkt 25.

Thanks to Eike von Stuckenbrok for directing this longest, craziest and happiest flight we ever took.

Thanks as well to everyone who was a part of it. Being surrounded by so many extraordinary talents and good people was truly an honor. The future has just begun.


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